Not Included Indians – NII

Disclaimer: I am not a communist, capitalist, fascist, fundamentalist or any other ist. I am a normal Indian. The impotent type who sits in the comfort of the living room and for want of anything better to do for himself/herself, start feeling about the malady that is afflicting India. I am that type. I said impotent not because he/she does not know how to contribute to the betterment of the situation he/she is contemplating but  simply would not do. You get the picture. The worker bee who collects honey for the Queen bee and the lazy males, who is satisfied with the tiny drop it gets to taste,  has the burning fervour to protect the domain with its life. I am one of them. In my spare time, when I am not serving the Nation – in the lines of the metaphor mentioned above – I do think about what is afflicting the Nation. We all do. In varying degrees. thing I have to warn you, if anyone ever get to read this – I am cynical. I am hopelessly cynical about everything. You have been warned.

I view the society as layers and stratification. I can not handle anything more complex than this. I do understand there are interactions between not just the adjoining layers but also across several layers and stratification. But they are way beyond my comprehension. The layers also can be sets of layers. For example, we could view the society as government, executive, judiciary, business, media, electorate in one analysis while in another we could be talking about the same society as rich, middle-class, BPL etc. But all these classes of strata are still the same people.

I “think” about various elements of the layers individually and then try to make sense (to myself). Then why this blog? Only because I don’t want to inflict this on my friends. Whoever willingly reads this could be my sounding board. Obviously I am not dogmatic about any of these; these are thoughts born out of certain underlying first-principles of natural justice.

BPL is  a word which somehow camouflages the stark reality behind. The seamy or tattered fabric of the society which is hidden behind these three letters. BPL is 730 million people living on less than 2USD per day. It is the maximum, the 2 Dollars. Well over 400 million people live on 1 USD per day. This includes everything. Food, shelter and clothing. More money is spent on pets than BPL! What does it mean to be in BPL. Sleep wherever. Eat whatever. Be under the tender mercies of everything around. Be the object of derision as if being a BPL is by choice. BPL are the scrap, debris of the sculpting of the society. Ironically they are identical to us in all respects other than the made concept called – let us simply call it – money. BPL has been created by us but we refuse to care for them. And they have nowhere to go. The innate desire of life to exist makes them live. They are trapped.

How is this happening? What if this continues? What can be done to make it bearable to them?

To be continued

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